Agreement on the exit to the plot from the internal road


  1. The meeting is arranged solely on the basis of an application submitted via the form below.
  2. The application is intended only for owners of plots in Machowink (Ustka commune) who purchased the plot from Plast – Box Development sp. z o.o. as part of the USTORIA project or for persons representing these owners.
  3. The application applies only to exits from internal roads managed by Plast-Box Development sp. z o.o.
  4. Exits from other roads should be agreed with their appropriate manager. The administrator of the road adjacent to the project area from the north is the Ustka Commune (76-270 Ustka, ul. Dunina 24)
    An overview map with the marking of roads that require exit arrangements based on this application.
  5. Agreement on the exit should be made at the stage of designing the construction project (building) on the plot. Only then is it possible to correctly determine the location of the exit, which will take into account the way the plot is developed (location of the building and other development elements).

Step by step arrangement:

  1. The meeting is agreed on the basis of the Area Development Project consisting of:
    • a site and elevation plan prepared on the current basic map or for design purposes (note: this applies to the exit design; a land development plan for the plot will not be sufficient)
    • structural cross-section and technical description.
  2. The design should take into account the “Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Rides” (download in PDF); in particular, it should result from the project:
    • dimensions (width) of the exit.
    • type of concrete retainers used between the road and the beginning of the descent;
    • rays and method of strengthening the arches,
    • description of the structure (layers) of the descent,
    • designed type of surface,
    • designed slopes: transverse and longitudinal.
  3. The project should be attached to the form in the form of a PDF file. The form allows you to attach 1 to 3 files.
  4. To avoid the risk of missing a message from the form because the postal system considers it spam, it is recommended to confirm sending the project by phone for consultation.
  5. The meeting will be agreed immediately, but no later than 14 days from the date of submitting the complete project for approval.

Application form for agreeing on an exit from an internal road

    Attach a file (PDF) with the Land Development Design consisting of a site and height plan prepared on the current base map or for design purposes, a structural cross-section and a technical description (max. 5 MB). This document should be prepared by your designer: