Zdjęcie główne - plaża w Poddąbiu i las

Completely developed building plots by the sea. Ustka commune.

Only 2700 meters from the beautiful Baltic Sea beach at Poddąbie.

Great location

The plots are located in an amazing location, 2.7 km from the most beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea and the picturesque dunes beside the charming town of Poddąbie.

Located between Ustka and Rowy, they provide access to the greatest seaside attractions. While at the same time, guaranteeing peace and comfortable relaxation.

Moreover, USTORIA is directly adjacent to the Eurovelo10 bicycle path which has a length of 7,980 km, while the borders of the Słowiński National Park are only 6 km away.

Widok na morze schodząc z wydm - gmina Ustka

There have never before been such projects beside the sea

Completely developed plots to an unprecedented extent. In addition to water, sewage and electricity, professional roads have been created using paving stones and modern LED lighting.

There is also a common area for use by the estate’s residents.

This area includes two gazebos, pedestrian paths, a playground, a beach volleyball court and an ecological orchard.

Plots ready to build on

We believe that the best plots are those that are ready to build on. All you need to do is connect the building to the ready-made infrastructure. From the very beginning, access to the plot is via cobblestone a paved road .

You only need to choose the design for your own investment.

Investing in building plots by the sea can generate great profits without lifting a finger.

Investing in building plots, especially in popular tourist seaside locations, is always a very good way to invest.

Historical data shows that over the past 20 years, the prices of building plots in the Ustka commune have increased by 1,300%. This is a logical consequence of the fact that the number of plots by the sea continues to decrease.

If we add to this fact that increasing numbers of us can afford a second home, this trend, in our opinion, will certainly continue or even accelerate.

Current trends and buyer awareness show that only fully developed plots enjoy the greatest and constant interest.

Here are the plots, their prices, location and dimensions

Find out the dimensions, areas and purposes of the plots in the local plan. All information in one place – drawing and content of the local plan, geotechnical research results and more.

Start by choosing a complex

or see plots in the list

Complex 1

Available plots: 6/32

Complex 1
Complex 2

Available plots: 25/38

Complex 2
Complex 3

Available plots: 8/20

Complex 3
Complex 4

Available plots: 0/22

Complex 4
Complex 5

Available plots: 9/23

Complex 5

Available plots: 48/135
Price per meter: from PLN 180.00 gross

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    What constitutes the price of a plot?

    That is why USTORIA has, in our opinion, the best offer for plots by the sea.

      Average plot by the sea*     USTORIA           
    additional (minimal) cost**
    Cost of building a sewage system to the border of the plot PLN 20 / up to 1 m2 PLN 0
    Cost of building a water supply network to the border of the plot PLN 15 / up to 1 m2 PLN 0
    Cost of building a decent road to the border of the plot PLN 30 / up to 1 m2 PLN 0
    Road lighting PLN 10 / up to 1 m2 PLN 0
    Average plot price per 1 m2 in a similar location (min.) PLN 190 PLN 198
    Price of a plot with utilities per 1 m2 PLN 265
    PLN 198

    * Based on the analysis of offers for plots located at a similar distance from the sea
    ** Estimated costs, assuming the simultaneous construction of utilities for at least several plots. Provided that there are sewage and water supply networks within the property and it is technically possible to expand these networks.

    In our opinion, the price is not the most important thing, but being 34% cheaper makes a difference

    It is obvious that when looking for the best real estate investment, we pay attention to price. Each of us wants to buy a plot properly and cheaply. However, the actual profitability and effectiveness of the investment should be looked at a little more broadly.


    It does not always prove to be technically possible to connect the property to the water supply network or sanitary sewage system. Moreover, the construction of a common road requires not only large expenditures, but also the consent of all co-owners. And if the road is municipal, it is the commune’s will to build it and allocate appropriate funds. Even if the commune will finally build the necessary infrastructure, you can expect to be charged an improvement fee for the increase in the value of the property.

    In the case of Ustoria plots, everything is ready. When we say fully prepared, we mean fully prepared.


    The saying “time is money” is becoming increasingly relevant every day. Imagine how much time it takes to build (with your own efforts) and equip the plot with basic utilities. In fact this can take years. And the success of these actions is never certain. Ustoria is about plots that are ready for immediate construction. All you need to do is choose your dream building design, build a house and live or enjoy the investment. It is all possible within few months.

    That is still not everything

    In addition to the best price, safety and time savings, you can benefit from

    peace of mind

    possibility to deduct 23% VAT

    possibility of purchasing a plot in installments

    much better rate of return on investment

    uniquely located plots by the sea with a regulated legal status
    in a closed complex of plots with recreational areas
    and other attractions at your fingertips.

    Why do we think what we our offer is unique?

    Close proximity to the sea and dunes

    Amazing location, only 2.7 km from the naturally wide beaches of the Baltic Sea and the beautiful dunes of the charming town of Poddąbie.

    Bicycle routes

    The international EuroVelo10 cycling route, 7,980 km long, runs next to the plots.
    Find out more about this unique route.

    Summer capitals of Poland

    The location between Ustka and Rowy provides access to the coolest seaside attractions, while guaranteeing peace and comfort and relaxation.

    Fully prepared

    The plots are fully equipped with water supply, sanitary sewage, electricity and have roads with modern LED lighting. There have never been such projects by the sea before.

    The forest neighborhood

    The plot area borders a beautiful pine and beech forest that stretches to the sea and picturesque dunes.

    Come and fall in love with this forest.

    Common areas

    As part of the estate, we have created a common shared area for use by residents. This include places for feasting (gazebos), landscaped walking paths, small architecture and an ecological fruit orchard. And also a beach volleyball court.

    Photo galleries

    Photos from the plot area
    Entrance to Ustoria
    Plot area. Common area in the background.
    View of the sea and the plots
    View of the plots from the south
    Photo from the plot area
    Leveling the land of plots by the sea
    Final touches on the plots
    Common area
    In the evening
    Sea View
    Common area
    One of three roundabouts - green
    View of the common area from the north
    View of the shelters
    View from above
    Carports at sunset
    Greenery of the common area
    Road next to the common area
    Common area and view of the forest
    Path to the forest. One of four
    Our roads
    Common area
    Walking path and orchard
    View of the plots
    View of the plots from the north
    Common area at sunset
    View of the sunset and the sea - photo taken from a drone over Ustoria
    A wide beach in Poddąbie
    Beach in Poddąbie - Ustka commune
    Beach in Poddąbie
    View of the beach and sea from the dune forest
    Beach in Poddąbie
    Poddąbie Beach
    Dunes in Poddąbie
    The surrounding area of the plots
    The surrounding area of the plots
    View of the sunset and the sea - photo taken from a drone over Ustoria


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    21 May 2024
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    11 January 2024
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