Baner z ujęciem domów.


Your second home by the sea. With Ustoria it’s now easier than you think.

Who else would like to have their own house by the sea, but thinks that realizing this dream is difficult? At Ustoria, we understand these challenges perfectly. That’s why we know how to help you achieve this goal in an optimal way.

Read on to:

  • get to know our projects, especially designed for Ustoria,
  • get to know the terms of the PROMOTION, in which you can have the design and building permit for free.

First the Project!

Together with our partner – an architectural studio from Słupsk – we have prepared an exclusive offer of house designs that have been designed to meet several key requirements:

Ikona domy nad morzem - piekno

Beauty, style and functionality.

House designs are created with aesthetics in mind, combined with practical solutions. Modern design that not only pleases the eye. It is also an ergonomically designed space. Harmony with the environment is also very important. Each project is harmoniously integrated into the seaside scenery and terrain of Ustoria.

Domy nad morzem gotowe na biznes

Ready for business and for your own use.

We know how to make your house by the sea both your second holiday home and a great investment. Therefore, our projects are also adapted to the needs and trends in renting to tourists who love the Baltic Sea. Flexible solutions make it possible to adapt the design so that it can serve as both a family home (second home) and a space for running a business.

Ikona optymalizacja

Versatility and optimization.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a small house by the sea or a spacious villa, our projects are designed with a variety of needs and preferences in mind. Optimal use of space is to ensure that each square meter is designed with functionality, comfort and implementation costs in mind.

Ikona zgodności projektu z planem miejscowym

Regulatory compliance.

We ensure that our projects comply with applicable building regulations and local plans.

We can now show you what your home will look like. Go ahead and see the visualizations.


Secondly, a building permit. Without lifting a finger.

Our experts provide support in the process of obtaining a building permit. In other words, by choosing one of our projects, you are provided with a comprehensive service in the field of project adaptation (adapting the project to the selected plot) and obtaining a building permit. All you need to do is sign the power of attorney. You can do it from home.

Get to know your second home. The one by the sea.

See visualizations prepared based on our projects.

NO. 1
Small. Great for business and leisure.
Area 67 m²

NO. 2
Optimum. Perfect for a second home, summer home or business.
Area 91 m².

NO. 3
Comfortable ground floor. For demanding customers.
Area 116 m². Or more.

Comprehensive and complete service, i.e. design documentation and building permit

We are perfectly aware that obtaining a building permit remotely is a serious challenge. Therefore, in cooperation with our partner – the Słupsk architectural studio – we have prepared a great opportunity for you. Under this proposal:

  1. You have the right to purchase one of the three offered individual building designs with an area of 67 m², 91 m² or 116 m², for the price (respectively) of PLN 4,900, PLN 5,200 or PLN 5,600 gross (including 23% VAT). This special price includes the preparation of complete design documentation for the building, in accordance with local regulations (local plan) and copyrights to the documentation. (On the local market, the price of an individual (similar) project is a minimum of PLN 14,000 net);
  2. You can use the project adaptation service along with obtaining a building permit on a plot purchased under the promotion for a fee of PLN 4,300 gross (including 23% VAT). As part of the service you receive:
    • developing a plot development plan for a selected building in accordance with your guidelines;
    • introducing changes to the design that will further adapt the house to your needs;
    • obtaining all necessary opinions, arrangements and conditions;
    • obtaining (if necessary) a decision allowing the exclusion of land from agricultural production;
    • a map for design purposes prepared by an external surveying company;
    • preparation of a complete application with attachments;
    • representing the investor throughout the entire stage of administrative proceedings, until successfully obtaining a building permit.

In short, without lifting a finger, on great financial terms, without any unexpected costs, you will be able to start building your house by the sea. The rules are simple. We described them in the Promotion Regulations (PDF).

It’s still not everything.

Now you can have the Design and Construction Permit for free!

We really want USTORIA to soon become a unique place on the tourist map of Poland.

For this to happen, we must work together to ensure that the buildings constructed are timeless, and at the same time modern and fit into the local atmosphere.

First come first served

So, for the first 20 people who actually start building, we have something special. In this pre-premiere offer, the selected design and building permit will be completely free. All you need to do is start construction within 6 months of obtaining the permit.

Where to start? Preferably from the plot.

Find a Plot

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