Local development plan.

All plots within the Ustoria project are covered by the local development plan. This is important.

In the current legal situation, the construction purpose of a plot may result from two legal acts. The most important thing is the local spatial development plan, which is approved by a resolution of the commune council. After its publication in the Official Journal, it becomes a generally applicable legal provision.

The second legal act is the decision on development conditions. Such a decision is issued when the property is not covered by the provisions of the local development plan. It is an act of individual application of the law, which is associated with a number of limitations, including:

  1. The decision, unlike a local plan, is addressed to a specific person. After purchasing the plot, it is necessary to transfer such a decision to the new owner.
  2. If one decision covers more than one plot, it is necessary to obtain a new decision on development conditions. Similarly, when new plots are allocated based on the decision. Then you also need to obtain a new decision.
  3. The decision on development conditions is issued based on the development status of the area located in the vicinity of the building plot. This means that it will not always be possible to establish the same or expected development conditions for a new, separated plot.

Significant change in the legal status

The validity of the decision on development conditions is to be limited in time

Advanced work is currently underway to amend the Spatial Planning and Development Act. As part of these works, it is planned to introduce a significant change consisting in limiting the validity of decisions on development conditions to 5 years. In other words, the decision on development conditions is to expire after 5 years from the date on which it became final. In turn, other changes to the above-mentioned The acts are to make the possibility of obtaining a decision on development conditions dependent on the adoption of a completely new legal act for the commune area, which is to be the General Plan.

Ustoria are construction plots by the sea covered by the local plan

As already mentioned, our plots are covered by the provisions of the applicable local development plan of the Ustka Commune. You can find its content here (PDF). This means that the purpose of the plots we offer is permanent and their purchase is completely safe.